Cycling League Management

Create and manage cycling leagues for multi-discipline cycling events

  • Easy Admin Management
  • Leaderboards & Results Tables
  • Fully Responsive & Mobile Friendly
  • Very Easy to Customize & Setup
  • Unlimited League Creation
  • Fully Hosted
  • Front Facing League Website
  • Individual League Blogs
  • Free to Start Building
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Features & Pricing


Create and manage your league competitors.
Create and manage your league marshals.
Create and manage your league routes.
Manage league notifications on a per league basis.
A unique customizable sub-domain for each league.
Invite additional admins to manage your leagues.
Add league specific videos from YouTube.
Accept payments for your leagues.
Create and manage sub-leagues.


A subscription is required to host your leagues live on the internet. Its free to register and construct your leagues in advance.

How it Works



RoadLeagues was designed to allow cycling clubs to easily generate and configure a league system and to give that league an instant web presence. Providing your club with easily accessible leaderboards, race results, notifications and everything else that RoadLeagues provides will without doubt keep your league members motivated throughout the season.

It's free to register an account here at RoadLeagues and to create and configure your leagues. A subscription is required whenever you want to publish your league publicly. Typically it would be a club league administrator that would register an account on behalf of their club. The account creator can then add additional league administrators to help manage your league, all under a single subscription.


When you register an account on RoadLeagues you'll be provided with access to an administration panel where you can create leagues, manage competitors, marshals, routes, admins, notifications, league settings and much more. It's a powerful hub to supercharge your club leagues.

The dashboard has been designed to allow you to create assets that can be reused over multiple leagues. This helps reduce the league configuration time for each league as you create more leagues. An example of this would be the ability to create a participant library that can then be used to assign participants to multiple leagues, removing the chor of having to continuously add the same participants to your leagues.


RoadLeagues provides a front facing website for each and every league that is created for public viewing. Each league website displays leaderboards, results, race schedules, entrants lists, marshal duty confirmation statuses, race sign on ability and much more.

Each league website is fully controlled on an individual basis via your RoadLeagues administration dashboard. You many configure different options and features for each league individually.


RoadLeagues has a fantastic email notification system available to every league that is created. Some notifications are auto generated to notify competitors on upcoming race days, to notify race marshals when they are due to marshal, marshal and competitor attendance confirmation notifications, race result notifications and much much more.

Ultimately notifications are controlled by you, the league administrator. You can decide what notifications are to be enabled for each of your leagues on an individual basis. Notifications will automatically keep your members informed on every aspect of your league.


Account registration and league configuration via your administration dashboard is completely free. A subscription is required to present your public front facing league website live on the internet at a sub-domain of your choice. You can select a league sub-domain for each and every league that you create and you also have the ability to change each sub-domain as often as you like. An example sub-domain would be ''.

Subscription plans range in length and cost to suit your clubs needs. If you only need to have your league website available for the duration of your league, a 3 month subscription may suffice. Alternatively, if you need to have your leagues available throughout the entire year, a premium 12 month subscription would suffice.