Accessing Data

The RoadLeagues API allows you to access your RoadLeagues data and use it within your own website or web application. To start retrieving data from RoadLeagues you'll need to generate an Access Token via the Authentication or POST Authentication process.

An access token grants you (the authenticated user) access to your own data. This includes, user account, leagues, routes, results and any other data that you have generated, provided the API has an endpoint for the required data. You cannot access someone else's data using your own access token.

{primary} Placeholders like {ACCESS-TOKEN} and any other placeholder throughout this API need to be replaced with the relevant data for the endpoints to function correctly. The placeholder, including the curly braces must be replaced in all instances.

Why Do I Need This?

If you run leagues on roadLeagues you may want to display race leaderboards, results, entrants lists etc.. on your own website or web application. This API will allow you to extract league data in JSON format for you to use as you wish.

Who Can Use This API?

Primarily Web Developers!
But of course, the API is accessible to all RoadLeagues registered users. An API is usually consumed by a web developer of some sort.

Do I Need an Active Subscription?

A roadLeagues subscription is not required to access your current data via this API. However, you will need an active subscription to publish new data, results etc.

There's an Endpoint Missing?

If you need a specific set of data that the API doesn't yet provide an endpoint for, just head over to our contact form and request that the endpoint is added. Click the link below.

{info} Click here to request a new endpoint: Contact Us